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Fotografiska 5: others about us

Fotografiska Tallinn

We have received birthday greetings from all around the world. Few of them we have collected together to have a fond memory to look back upon.

I really appreciated being in Tallinn. I must say, there, it seemed everything was “work in progress” – in a new city, with a new audience – and it created something warm, sincere and meaningful.
French photographer and filmmaker Sarah Moon

In 2022, Fotografiska Tallinn had the privilege of presenting Sarah Moon's work in the exhibition "At the Still Point," which showcased a simultaneously dreamy and indescribably intense journey through Moon's history in photography.

Sarah added: Thank you Maarja, it was great working with you, you understood straight away what we were aiming at, and you did everything you could to help.

I wish you all a happy, happy birthday, and many happy returns.
PS: The food was the best I had for a long time!

Sarah Moon
Sarah Moon “At the Still Point” autumn 2022 – spring 2023
I had no expectations and was excited that the second stop for the show was Tallinn. I was immediately blown away with the energy of the people and the use of the new with the old architecture.
American photographer Frank Ockenfels

Frank Ockenfels 3 has been widely applauded throughout his career for his playful style and experimental technique. He is best known for his psychologically revealing portraits of famed figures such as George Clooney, Nirvana, and David Bowie. His exhibition "Introspection" was on display at Fotografiska Tallinn in 2022.

Frank didn't hold back his praise about Tallinn: It was exciting opening the crates and pulling out the work and to look at the faces of the people who were hanging the show and their reactions.

The opening was humbling, it was the first time I had seen so many people looking at my work, the smiles on their faces as they discussed with others around them. If that wasn’t enough, doing a walk around at 11pm and seeing the large crowd that showed up to ask questions and hear me discuss the work as we wandered through with drink in hand.

One of my fondest memories was when a woman approached me at the 11pm walk through, she had been at the opening and had gone out and bought a journal and asked me to draw something on the first page. I almost started crying. Once again it was all humbling to have people want to see your work.

The staff at Fotografiska in Tallinn are amazing! I love how they all became part of creating the feel of the show.

Frank Ockenfels
Frank Ockenfels 3 "Introspection"
I have visited Tallinn a few times for different events of Fotografiska and every time I arrive I’m being reminded again how warm and open-minded, but at the same time sincere and interested the people are. Even if there’s always many people walking in and out, there is a calm and very personal atmosphere at Fotografiska. All of this leads to a unique exchange of art and conversations.
fashion photographer Vincent Peters

Vincent Peters is one of the most sought-after figures in fashion photography. He has received commissions from brands such as Wolfgang Joop, Louis Vuitton, Hugo Boss, and Emporio Armani, not to mention fashion magazines like Vogue. The exhibition "Light Within" opened at Fotografiska Tallinn in 2019, primarily consisted of cover images for fashion magazines.

Additionally, Vincent visited Tallinn during Fashion Focus 2024, where he conducted a masterclass for Estonian photographers, led a photo tour of Peter Lindbergh's exhibition, and participated in a public discussion on fashion photography.

Vincent Peters
Vincent Peters at Fashion Focus Talk 2024