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Educational programs

Educational program

Discover. Learn. Educate.

Fotografiska Tallinn is a contemporary museum of photography, art & culture. Located in the heart of Telliskivi Creative City, in Tallinn (as well in New York, Stockholm, Berlin, and Shanghai), our venue stays open until late, featuring three to four diverse exhibitions at a time.

To bring young minds closer to art, we invite teachers to bring their classes to Fotografiska. Everything experienced in our museum supports social subjects taught in schools, such as civics, geography, history, as well as arts and music.

We offer guided tours for single exhibitions or throughout the entire venue. Optionally, students can take home educational and engaging worksheets with attention and observation exercises to reinforce what they've seen. These worksheets help to better understand different cultures and allow exploration of the deeper aspects of art – finding meanings and references behind the photos and seeing the connections between art and our culture and daily lives.

Fotografiska has joined the Ministry of Culture's support measure Kultuuriranits, which promotes organizing lessons outside of classrooms. The financial support of Kultuuriranits covers basic school grades 1–9, ensuring that every young person in this age group gets at least one cultural experience per academic year.

Our educational program at Fotografiska is suitable for preschoolers, younger school-age children, as well as lifelong learners. The tour price for school groups is €55 + €3 per student. Teachers participate for free.

Children have diverse wishes and needs, so please contact us – this way, we can offer an exciting program tailored to your needs: fototuur.tallinn@fotografiska.com

Fotografiska Membership special benefits for teachers

Fotografiska Membership opens doors for you to get closer to art than anyone else. The benefits of joining range from meetings with artists to curated dinners. Enjoy it yourself or pass it on. Everyone is welcome to join the community of photography friends.

Get 12 months of free entrance
Membership for teachers

Until 8 Sept 2024

Wang Chen

Fractured Delights

Fractured Delights reimagines landscapes through the complex experiences of migrant displacement and identity transformation – it is not only a physical movement from one place to another but also a continuous inner journey, involving the ongoing recalibration of an individual in both worldly and spatial dimensions.

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Until 8 Sept 2024

Kary H. Lasch

The Golden Years

This exhibition is a window into the world of photographer, collectorand madcap Kary H. Lasch(1914–1993) and the golden years around the 1950s. The exhibition certainly shows his classic photographs of Pablo Picasso, Sophia Loren, Salvador Dalí, Brigitte Bardot and other A-list celebrities, but the focus is perhaps more on the zeitgeist and atmosphere he so immortalized.

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©Kary H. Lasch, Salvador Dali, Port Lligat, Catalonia, Spain.

Until 8 Sept 2024

Rinko Kawauchi

a faraway shining star, twinkling in hand

Rinko Kawauchi is one of the most established artists in Japan and known worldwide for her dreamy, poetic and unique imagery. The new exhibition "a faraway shining star, twinkling in hand" features over 40 works from the artist’s two most recent series, M/E and An interlinking. These works include everything from photographs to video art, light boxes and photo sculptures.

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From the series ME, 2020  © Rinko Kawauchi, Courtesy of Christophe Guye Galerie


Until 27 Oct 2024

In Bloom

Nature is enigmatic. Strong and noble, yet fragile and fleeting. Tamed or wild, groomed or untouched, influenced and altered by humans. Bright and beautiful, yet simultaneously dark and ominous. It is a sacred refuge from which all has evolved. In the exhibition "In Bloom", the awe-inspiring meets the delicate, the beautiful encounters the dangerous, and the familiar confronts the unknown.

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Hemoglobin, 2017 © David Ụzọchukwu