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In Bloom

Hemoglobin, 2017 © David Ụzọchukwu
Hemoglobin, 2017 © David Ụzọchukwu

Nature is enigmatic. Strong and noble, yet fragile and fleeting. Tamed or wild, groomed or untouched, influenced and altered by humans. Bright and beautiful, yet simultaneously dark and ominous. It is a sacred refuge from which all has evolved. In the exhibition "In Bloom", the awe-inspiring meets the delicate, the beautiful encounters the dangerous, and the familiar confronts the unknown.

A blend of contemporary photography, video, sculpture, and installations highlights nature's placement in contemporary art. The beauty, richness, fragility, and diversity of nature are represented by 17 contemporary artists, all of whom are interested in understanding, discovering, and expressing themselves in this world. Together, they have created an inspiring and conceptual philosophical reflection on the cycle of life and death and the variability of time. Among the renowned international artists, acclaimed Estonian artist Heikki Leis is also represented.

The summer grand exhibition "In Bloom" also marks Fotografiska Tallinn's 5th anniversary.

© Cig Harvey, Boltonia Asteroides, Union, Maine, 2019

"The ephemeral nature of flowers is a perfect metaphor for what it is to be human, what it is to feel. My pictures are of flowers, but they are not about flowers: they are about living and dying."

Cig Harvey

Humans dance with nature

Both in science and art, photographs have always been used to better understand nature and its complexities. Early enthusiasts of photographic art in the first half of the 19th century considered photography as a personal expression of nature—they spoke of a natural magic that painted with light and without any human intervention, presenting itself to us more as a discovery than a new invention. We have always wanted to explore, understand, and unveil the mysteries of nature, and in art, nature takes center stage. We appreciate its aesthetic colors and shapes and its position as a source of inspiration and symbolic force.

For many, nature is a source of physical and psychological well-being, but it is also an uncontrollable, almost divine force that births and takes life as it sees fit. Nature is in everything around us and deep within us.

The exhibition "In Bloom" highlights nature through the medium of contemporary photography and video art, offering a glimpse into its portrayal in today's art. It is a symbolic-philosophical exploration of the sublime nature, of the reconstructed, guided and controlled environment, and of the untouched wilderness of nature.

Through the eyes of 17 artists

The exhibition "In Bloom" features the work of 17 contemporary artists from around the world: Alfredo De Stefano (Mexico), Cig Harvey (United Kingdom), David Ụzọchukwu (Germany), Djeneba Aduayom (United States), Xuebing DU (United States), Santeri Tuori (Finland), Brendan Pattengale (United States), Ori Gersht (United Kingdom), Catherine Nelson (Australia), Esther Teichmann (United Kingdom), Helene Schmitz (Sweden), Lori Nix & Kathleen Gerber (United States), Yan Wang Preston (United Kingdom), Inka & Niclas (Sweden), and Heikki Leis (Estonia).

The artists' creations feature flowers, trees, cells, weather, forces, water, growth, decay, and continuous transformation. The entire spectrum of natural states is highlighted: nature as paradise, as expressed in David Ụzọchukwu's self-portraits, and as a potential catastrophe, as evidenced by Djeneba Aduayom's poetic approach to inevitable climate risks. The question arises: if nature persists even without humankind, do humans exist without nature as well?

Family Portrait XVII, 2021 © Inka & Niclas
Family Portrait XVII, 2021 © Inka & Niclas

The curators of the exhibition „In Bloom” are Jessica Jarl, Director of International Exhibitions at Fotografiska, and Maarja Loorents, Director of Exhibitions at Fotografiska Tallinn, along with the local exhibition team. The exhibition comes to Tallinn from Fotografiska New York and will be on show until October 27th.