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Fotografiska 5th birthday: the opening weekend of exhibition "In Bloom"

Röövel Ööbik

Fotografiska Tallinn celebrated its 5th birthday from June 6 to 9 and danced with nature by opening the group exhibition "In Bloom". The opening weekend was accompanied by captivating special events.

Out of the 17 artists participating in the exhibition, Cig Harvey (UK), Santeri Tuori (FIN), Inka & Niclas (SWE) and Helene Schmitz (SWE), along with the renowned Estonian artist Heikki Leis, were present at the opening in Tallinn.

The participating artists discussed the background of their work on two occasions: at the public discussion "Talk In Bloom" on June 7 and at the special tour "Walk In Bloom" on June 8.

The highlight of the grand weekend was the Party In Bloom: Mutant Disco x Haigla party held on June 7, which filled Fotografiska's two exhibition floors with Berlin-style wild party vibes for one night and glided in an elevated joyfulness until the early morning hours, featuring live performances by Röövel Ööbik and Vana.

Fotografisk is in bloom.

Mingle In Bloom

On June 6, we kicked off Fotografiska's 5th anniversary weekend. We brought together international artists, the Fotografiska team, and the modern and influential. The invitation-only evening unfolded in a relaxed and inspiring rhythm.

The flavors crafted by Fotografiska Tallinn's co-founder and head chef, Peeter Pihel, were also inspired by the grand exhibition of the season, "In Bloom" which is visible in the 6th floor new menu that can be enjoyed the whole summer.

To celebrate the 5th anniversary, we raised our glasses with drinks created exclusively for Fotografiska: grapefruit-flavored Karu kombucha and strawberry-jasmine gin drink from Moe Distillery.

Mingle in Bloom
Mingle In Bloom: 6th of June

Talk In Bloom

At the public discussion on June 7, five participating artists opened their thoughts and backstory. In conversation with Jessica Jarl, Fotografiska's curator of international exhibitions, Cig Harvey (US), Inka & Niclas (SWE), Helene Schmitz (SWE) and Santeri Tuori (FIN) discussed the depiction of the dependent and conflicting relationship between humans and nature in their work.

The opening speech was given by Heidy Purga, Minister of Culture of the Republic of Estonia.

Talk In Bloom
Talk In Bloom 7th of June

Watch Talk In Bloom in full length or listen podcast with Cig Harvey.

Party In Bloom – Mutant Disco x Haigla party

The Fotografiska 5th anniversary party on the evening of June 7 was, quite literally, a party in the middle of art. The dimly lit exhibition floors filled with an exhilarating Berlin-style vibes, making the opening of the "In Bloom" exhibition a unique, multi-layered experience that required no prior art education to enjoy (everybody's always welcome). The exhibition halls were buzzing until the early morning hours, fueled by Mutant Disco and Haigla, along with live performances by Röövel Ööbik and Vana.

Walk In Bloom

On June 8, five participating artists offered a glimpse into their creative world during the "In Bloom" special guided tour, revealing the background of the exhibition through their perspectives. Cig Harvey (UK), Santeri Tuori (FIN), Inka & Niclas (SWE) and Estonian artist Heikki Leis brought us on an eye opening journey.

Heikki Leis
Santeri Tuori
Cig Harvey
Inka & Niclas

Brunch In Bloom

The birthday weekend was tastefully concluded on June 9 with the "In Bloom" special brunch at the 6th-floor restaurant. The flavors were in full bloom, accompanied by best the view in town.

For those who missed the floral beauty, Fotografiska Tallinn co-founder and head chef Peeter Pihel drew inspiration from the "In Bloom" exhibition when crafting the restaurant's summer menu. Fotografiska is in full bloom.

Brunch In Bloom
Brunch In Bloom

The inspiration from the "In Bloom" exhibition has also extended to the Fotografiska museum shop. It's a total take-over.

Nature is enigmatic. Strong and noble, yet fragile and fleeting. Tamed or wild, groomed or untouched, influenced and altered by humans. Bright and beautiful, yet simultaneously dark and ominous. It is a sacred refuge from which all has evolved. In the exhibition "In Bloom", the awe-inspiring meets the delicate, the beautiful encounters the dangerous, and the familiar confronts the unknown.

"In Bloom" is open until 27th of October 2024.