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„In Bloom“ workshop with Maru: guide to edible flowers

15th of August 18.30

Cig Harvey

The floral workshop focuses on blossoms, which are much more than just visual delights. Their aroma brings joy and soul nourishment, and their flavors can brighten both desserts and savory dishes. In the workshop, we will travel from spring to summer, finishing with autumn blossoms that could be more frequently used in our cuisine. We will explore flowers from gardens, roadsides, the seashore, and forests.

You will get hands-on experience, tasting blossoms in their pure form and enjoying both savory and sweet bites inspired by flowers. This summer, plants have bloomed earlier than usual, so Maru will also bring some supplies from her pantry.

Take time to visit the "In Bloom" exhibition for inspiration.

* The workshop takes place in the Nada private section of the 6th floor restaurant Nada

* Participation fee: 25 €. Duration approximately until 21:30.



Maru is well-known to anyone interested in culinary activities. A true food enthusiast, she has passionately explored edible plants and flowers that surround us seasonally, yet whose existence and health benefits are often overlooked.

Maru’s journey began as a textile artist who found life inspiration in food. She started as the kitchen editor for "Eesti Naine," worked in several restaurants, contributed to the creation of three remarkable books (the latest, "Maru Maitsete Maailm," has just hit the shelves), and never misses the chance to pick an edible wild carrot or a purple flower while cycling home. We might put such flowers in a vase, but she knows how good they taste. Maru’s aesthetic sense and taste make her dishes visually delightful and exceptional in every way.

Fun fact: This year, Maru is banned from making jams because there is no more room in the cellar. Luckily, pickling cucumbers is still allowed. She breathes a sigh of relief and fully enjoys the season.

@Maru Maitsete Maailm

Food Studio

Maru Design


"In Bloom"

The beauty, abundance, fragility, and diversity of nature are represented by 17 contemporary artists, each with an interest in understanding, discovering, and expressing themselves within this world. Together, they have created a conceptual approach to the cycles of life and death, the flourishing and decay of the world, sensory experiences, and indirect narratives and emotions or their absence in today's world.

According to Maarja Loorents, co-founder and Head of Exhibitions at Fotografiska, the showy name of the exposition conceals a deeper, philosophical side. “Being in bloom does not only signify a great and happy blooming period – it also symbolizes various stages of life, environmental changes, creation, and loss. When something new is born from a tiny seed, something sprouts to life, it requires the wisdom, care, and love of all of us to keep and protect it,” Loorents describes.

© Cig Harvey