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Special events for flavors

Carefully curated culinary experiences

Carefully curated taste experiences

Brunch, an exhibition inspired special menu, or an evening introducing wines – our creative food and beverage team always strives to find something new on every plate and in every glass, without you having to worry about the environmental impact of that pleasure

Mother's Day brunch 12th of May 10–15

The warm rays of the sun caress the cheeks, and the views from the Fotografiska restaurant already peek over the early summer city – a new season has begun, and we invite you to be a part of it!

Make Mother’s Day special and come spend it indulging in a lavish brunch filled with the juiciest flavors of the season. We welcome you with dishes made from high-quality and sustainable ingredients, including both breakfast classics and new surprises. Behind the flavors lie our own fields, a controlled raw material environment, freshness, and a close connection to the nature.




Foto muesli / yoghurt / cherry compote

Herbal egg spread

Smoked trout spread / trout caviar

Roasted pumpkin salad / goat cheese / pumpkin seed pesto

Main Course:

Shakshuka / bulgur / salad

Florentine egg / warm spinach-kale salad / brioche / hollandaise

Sweet waffles / vanilla ice cream / cherry compote

* Price starting from 32 €

* Restaurant open 10–15

Champagne tasting: "Lightness of Being"

Champagne tasting event will be held on May 11th at 13–15 inspired by the work of the world's most influential photographer, Peter Lindbergh. The tasting will take place in the exhibition hall of "The Lightness of Being" exhibition.

True to Lindbergh's style, we have selected authentic and unretouched bubbles from France, where Peter Lindbergh also called home, a place he always returned to after his world travels.

Kristjan Kiho

Daily brunch at the café

We offer a brunch menu during the weekends, providing a delightful taste journey. Reservations: kohvik.tallinn@fotografiska.com


The origin of our eggs

Fotografiska eggs come from the free-range chickens of Ahisilla Farm. The Bovan Brown breed hens live on pasture, enjoying a life true to their species, as much as a chicken can possibly live. During the summer, they forage for insects and tasty field plants on fresh pasture, and bask in the nourishing sunlight.

The grazing of the chickens also restores the fertility of the pasture. When a chicken briefly occupies a spot, it scratches up moss and aerates the soil, consuming only the youngest parts of plants, stimulating root and overall plant growth, and fertilizing the field.

During the winter, the chickens reside in a large greenhouse and enjoy fresh food thanks to the cold-hardiness of kale, which allows them to indulge throughout the entire winter. Additionally, they have access to pumpkins and other produce from Ahisilla Farm, cultivated without chemical pesticides or fertilizers.

Thanks to the chickens' pleasant, nature-oriented life, the eggs are very tasty and particularly high in nutritional value.